Academic English I (AE1) - Spring 2017, Kawamoto


Writing an outline

  An outline is a tool for organizing information in an
ordered list.

  Note 1:  The labels in an outline alternate from numbers 
  to letters and are indented as shown below:

     I.  Main Point 1

         A.  Supporting point 1 for I.

         B.  Supporting point 2 for I.

    II.  Main Point 2

         A.  Supporting point 1 for II.

             1.  Supporting point 1 for II.A.

             2.  Supporting point 2 for II.A.

         B.  Supporting point 2 for II.

         C.  Supporting point 3 for II.

  The first level (main point) labels:  I., II., III.,...
  The second level (supporting point) labels:  A., B., C.,...
  The third level labels:  1., 2., 3.,...
  The fourth level labels:  a., b., c.,...
  The fifth level labels:  1), 2), 3),...
  The sixth level labels:  a), b), c),...

Note 2:  There should be at least two supporting 
  points to make a new level of information.

Note 3:  Use uniform style throughout the outline:

    * keywords or phrases as entries


    * full sentences as entries