Academic English I (AE1) - Spring 2017, Kawamoto


Calls for Papers

A "Call for Papers" (CfP) is a way to invite authors
to submit papers for review.  Accepted papers are
published in journals or presented at conferences.

Journals:  A call for papers for a journal is 
  looking for papers for publication only.  You can 
  usually find them in the back pages of the journal 
  or receive them from mailing lists.  

Conferences:  A call for papers for a conference 
  is used to collect papers for review and authors of 
  the accepted papers gather at a conference venue to 
  give a presentation on the paper.  There are many 
  forms of presentations such as speech and slide style 
  talks, poster sessions, workshops, and panel discussions.
  Most presentations are live, but some are done online.

Some things to look for in a CfP:

- What is the goal or theme of the CfP?
- What are the main topics?  There can be as many
  as 30 different topics listed for a particular theme 
  with room for more (usually put in terms such as, 
  "the topics include, but are not limited to...")
- How do you submit a paper?  There will usually be
  a detailed section on author guidelines with
  specific instructions on word length, file format, 
  etc. explaining how to prepare and submit your paper.
- What is the timeline?  There will usually be
  specified dates ("Important Dates") for the initial 
  submission, notification of acceptance, and final 
  camera-ready submission.
- (When/where does the conference take place?)

Other things to check:

- Author agreements.  If your paper is accepted, what
  will be expected of you as the author regarding copyright, 
  conference attendance, fees, etc.?
- Who are the sponsors?