Online Learning Applications for Technical English




In this course, students will examine general techniques for designing and implementing various forms of online learning systems for technical English. Please see the syllabus for detailed course information.

Credit for this course is given as Advanced Intelligent Processing IV (AIP4).

  • Posted 1/17/2017 on Dept. of ECE BBS:
    Dear Fall 2016 Advanced Intelligent 
      Processing IV (AIP4) course students:
    > Please register and complete ALL exercises and 
    > quizzes from the course homepage:
    > by the specified deadlines to be eligible for course credit.
    All of the remaining exercises, quizzes are available
    on the course HP now.
    Note: Exercise 5 is optional (i.e., not required) and
    will be treated as a bonus exercise.
    Pauline N. Kawamoto (Aiura), x5591